Missing "Sync VisualStudio Project" option

I would like to sync Unity with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 to take advantage of the Intellisense feature. According to the unifycommunity wiki the first step is simply to "Click Assets->"Sync VisualStudio Project". However, I appear to be missing this option. Can anyone provide assistance?

Are you using Unity 3.x? That menu item you mentioned is available for Unity 2.6. But 3.x has a new menu item called "Synch MonoDevelop Project" which accomplishes the same thing.

The official external IDE for unity is MonoDevelop, which is probably why they changed the name. But it creates a standard Visual Studio formatted project and solution.

I use Unity 3.2.0. Menu “Edit->Preferences…”, option “External Script Editor”. I select “Visual Studio 2010” and it is default editor - if I click on “Sync with MonoDevelop” or double-click on errors then VS runs.