Missing Tilemap features from Unite 2015 in Boston. 3D Models in TileMap.

Hello Everyone,

With the TileMap features for 2d being added in 2017.2, I was hoping to take advantage of using 3d models in the TileMap. This was displayed in the Unite Conference held in Boston in 2015.

Has anyone figured out how to use 3d models in the Tile Palette? It seems to only work with sprites even through the grid axis can still be changed to top-down. I may just be overlooking something simple, but a google search doesn’t seem to be returning much.

Relevant portion of the Unite Conference:

They actually broke up some of those features and added them to their github. They one he is using there for the trees is the Prefab brush, I believe.


Just take that this file (right-click-> save as) and put it into your Assets/Editor folder. Then you can right-click->Create->Prefab Brush, then set it up with what prefabs you want. When you are ready to paint, you can change to that brush in your Tile Palette window.