Missing Vector Graphics package in Package Manager.. Why?

Hi guys,

We’ve created all our graphics as SVGs in order to keep the game file size as small as possible.
However, our version/install of Unity doesn’t have ‘Vector Graphics’ in the package manager like the tutorial/guide says it should.
I’ve searched far and wide and there’s literally nothing there - my design team are totally stumped as well.

Any ideas?
My only idea is to do a fresh reinstall of the latest Unity kit and try again, with all components ticked. We’re developing a mobile game so potentially by only ticking the Android and iOS components we somehow get left out of the SVG package? Utterly bizarre, please let me know if any of you faced a similar issue or know a solution - our wheels are currently spinning.


@BindyStreet Just adding this here in case anyone else is searching for this too.

In the package manager window, click Advanced in the top right > Show preview packages

I guess it is considered a “preview” package.

Seems like it’s now even been hidden from Preview Packages but you can still add it to your project by going to your manifest.json and manually adding an entry for e.g.:

"com.unity.vectorgraphics": "2.0.0-preview.13"

You can find the version and preview numbers available here:

More info on why this has happened here: