missing yoggy

i was always amazed at the unexpected, creative path he charted thru Unity's depths. a real inspiration - at least for me anyway.

anyone know what happened? working on GTA V?

I’ve been wondering the same thing, myself. He hasn’t updated his blog in a while, either.

he had created some interesting stuff yeah

Last thing he mentioned on his block, if I remember right, was something about a new job he started.

Yep. Yoggy was one of the pioneers behind innovative concepts for game development in Unity. :smile:

On a somewhat related note, I wonder if Avert Fate will ever be given a face lift or extended (I would LOVE to do that) or if we’ll ever have access to the project.

Yeah, Yoggy is a real pioneer.... His innovative projects, creativity, and always helpful community presence was a shining beacon for us all..... When does he get back? And what is he REALLY doing?

Didn't he work for Unity Tech?

Anyways, I've already asked for the Avert Fate source, and it's probably never going to be released. If it is, I think a community effort should be put in to overhaul and extend it. It think it would be a great project, and prove the ability of the community to work together. Another request for the Avert Fate source is being made here....

No, but he was an intern for a while.

That's probably correct. The source is simply not ready for public digestion and we don't currently have plans to share it. Get started on something of your own! :)

I am!

I just don't have much time........... I've updated my topic with a FPS demo of the terrain I'm working on. Could you all comment on it?

Dang. Avert Fate would be great for all users to look over and observe the code, models and shaders to see how they made it. Not to mention extend it. :smile:

Actually, it would be the worst scripting example EVER! Have you heard the horror stories about the code in that thing?

Yeah, the non-code assets would be great to have, even without the code.....

Having actually seen the project, I can say that your assessment is more than a bit harsh. It was just built to be a playable demo rather a demo project and it would need resources devoted to cleaning it up. But to say “the worst scripting example EVER” is just plain wrong.

Okay, I was running off third hand news of it, as well as that third hand news being quite harsh as well.

I actually said EVER for dramatic effect, since I couldn’t think of anything better to say… Lame on my part.

HEY! In the absence of a working marketable game, I'm claiming to have written the worst scripting example ever!!! The proof is in the telling, Avert Fate is running....


uhmmm…sooo…Where is Yoggy? Anyone know?

Probably in Jamaica on vacation and partying with celebrities.......he wishes (as do I). :smile:

He’s living life, probably wrapping his weirdly powerful brain around some other exotic concepts like where to go to college, playing paintball, or figuring out that our notions about the value of PI have actually been wrong all this time… Y’know, standard Yoggy “high school” stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ehem, on Jellystone Park with Boo Boo, isn’t he? :lol:

By the way, i’m new here… who is Yoggy?

Don’t confuse Yogi with Yoggy.

Yoggy is one of the creative minds behind Avert Fate and a number of other cool projects.

I think the robot was made for advert fate and that has been released. I know that the code will probably never be released (as stated earl in this thread), but is there a way to get other art assets from that game. (mainly the big boss robot :))

Sheesh, noob! :P :)

As mentioned above Yoggy (real name Forest) is a young and extremely smart kid that was a regular here on the forums in years past but has since dropped off the radar a bit. Wanna see him in action? He gave a great impromptu presentation on particle systems at Unite '07:

Forest Talks Particles

Sheesh, noob!
Sheesh, marketing guy! :twisted: :wink:

He gave a great impromptu presentation on particle systems at Unite '07
Oh! He's that shy boy! Seems a good person :)