Mixamo + Animation Movement BASIC

Can anyone help me, my final year project!

I have a character which walks on the spot after paying for the Mixamo everyday animations. I am creating a cinematic so how can I get the animation character to move along a line, turn and then become idle.


Stuck with same problem. - its possible that you may need the root motion computer code of mixamio maybe. Hmm.

My own thoughts is that the name of the object is marked with a @then the name of animination etc. so its possible the name of after the @ is the name of the animation to be used -when defining animations in script.


I had a crude way of doing it in the end. Very Crude..but along the right lines.

Mixamo character + Everyday Motion Pack + Root Motion Computer. The character walks on the spot. Because I was doing a cinematic I could edit out the bad parts.

The character (walking on the spot) is then pulled along a line for this I used iTween Visual Path Editor.

A start and end point had to be determined along with a small amount of script. Of course the characters did not stop, this could probably be achieved by I just edited it out.