Mixamo Auto-Rigger Alternatives

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I've been using the miximo autorigger quite a bit - have found it to be extremely user friendly although I'm at the point where cost wise I simplly can't afford to pay $79 for each download or $1500 per year for unlimited access (at this stage anyway). All I need is simple biped autorigging for basic, low-poly meshes.

Does anyone know of an easy-to-use, cheap(er) alternative to Mixamo?

BTW I have tried Rigify for Blender although I'm not that familiar with blender and spent about an hour fiddling around trying to get the rigg look/act correctly. Mixamo made it happen in mere seconds.

It would be much appreciated if anyone could point me in the right direction. Any reasonably priced off the shelf products or assets in the unity Asset store that people know of?

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As far as I know, Mixamo is the only one doing this. Your best bet is learning Blender. Maya LT also has a good rigging solution.

Well, as jRocket suggests, doing it yourself is not that hard.If you want to try Blender then these tuts by a professional show you how easy it can be:

Intro to rigging by Lee Salvemini

Hardest part is rigging the hands - all the finger bones. If you don't need them then just select them all and delete them - basically Tut1 of the three .

cheers, gryff :)

@ Simmo76, have you considered creating your own MoCap with iClone http://www.reallusion.com/iclone/pipeline/Default.aspx or purchasing aniamtions from the iClone store.

If you're not tied to existing models, have you considered UMA?

As an alternative, you can build and rig one free character per week using Mixamo Fuse.

If you have Maya or Max, Mixamo provides free rigging scripts for them.

There's also Jimmy|RIG.

Maya LT is only $50/month and does a great job rigging.

Has HumanIK to make humanoid rigs really,really easy...

And it integrates great with Unity.

$50 month - unlimited rigging

I've heard rumors about "automatic rigging" tools for Maya LT, but I've not been able to confirm the existence of these. Has anyone else got more information about that?

It is called Human Ik
It is shown in this video from 3:55



I am interested too in other autorriger. Because mixamo autoriger now is not for free. Mixamo have a big prize.

maya LT is now $20 / month on the annual plan. It has HumanIk for nice skeleton creation, and control rig.

only issue with humanIK is you kind of have to wrestle with it to get joint orients set up right.

however it doesn't automatically bind the skin like mixamo does. Although, Maya LT has geodesic voxel binding now, set the falloff fairly high for a humanoid character - 0.7+. From there it's a good start on skin weights.

there is a great puging for max that do auto rigs, is cheeper and dont limit you to bipeds, its called LH auto rig

they have a nice demo for free try.


I'm also looking for a method to auto-rig a character mesh. But isn't it just a matter of connecting each vertex to the closest bone, in which case it shouldn't be difficult to write code to do this (or find existing code)? But maybe I'm missing something, since I don't have any experiencing rigging meshes.

That tutorial is three videos long.... how easy is it if it takes that long to explain?

Really? I once bought an item that had a 30 page instruction manual. It was easy.

Patience. Just because it takes three videos to teach a process it doesn't make the process hard.

Just gotta start doing it; the more you rig the easier it will become.

I saw a guy on youtube download a deadpool model and using maya's human ik had it rigged and imported working on unity in like 10 minutes character controller included in the tut i think (was close 13 minutes


I suggest akeytsu - extremely fast for rigging and also animation. I've learned it in few hours and it's less expensive than Maya LT and more intuitive . Creating skeletons is simple , positioning the joints is fast as it positions the bones in the middle of the mesh when clicking. Weighting is also easy. Very cool new software

Check it out : www.nukeygara.com

Try this . just started using it.. its very cool and free !! : http://smartbody.ict.usc.edu/autoriggerandreshaper

Mixamo is now free.

Mixamo is now dead.


Is that a philosophical opinion? mixamo.com seems to be working fine. I just downloaded an animation.