Mixamo character blinking

Is there a way to make a blink animation in Unity every 2-5 seconds? I have found anything helpful on the web.

Well you need the eyes as a separate object from the body. Then you can make an animation that animates the scale of the eyes. The first key frame should have the scale at 1, the second should be 0.1, and the third should be 1 as well. After that you can create a bool property in the animator. Make a transition from entry to the blink animation, and vice versa. Then, on the transition from entry to blink, add a condition and pass that bool value. Make sure that the condition is “theBoolValue true”
On the other transition do the same thing, but add a condition that is “theBoolValue false”
then in a script you can use IEnumerators to wait the desired amount of time before setting that bool true or false.

Hope this helped (There might be a better way of doing this but this should work)

Thanks for the advice @VoidPhoenix96 !