Mixed Reality Lighting?

Hello, it seems like the only lighting in Partial Immersive/Mixed Reality is what is done by (for lack of a better term) the skybox generated by the device’s cameras. Is it possible to load in a custom skybox/hdri image and have that light objects instead? And if that’s possible, would it be possible to transition from one to another (for a day/night transition)? Thank you!

Currently, the only option for custom lighting is to use shader graphs with the PolySpatial Lighting Node, which does include (limited) support for reflection probes, including blended reflection probes, although I’m not sure if it’s possible to manually set those rather than getting them from the scene. You could also do the cube map sampling/lighting yourself using the Sample Cubemap node.

VisionOS does provide a way to override the skybox: the ImageBasedLightComponent. We don’t currently have a proxy for this (the way we do for the Hover Effect and Grounding Shadow components), but we could add it to the list to include in a future version. Given the restrictions of the API, we might be limited to equirectangular (i.e., lat/long) images.

Ok, awesome. Yes, that would be incredible to have in the future. Thank you!

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