MK Glow only works in Scene View

Hi, I just imported MK Glow and opened the example scene and ran.

in this picture, left side is the Scene view, and the right side is the Game view.
However, I don’t see any of the glowing effect like I would see in the Scene view.

Just in case I did something wrong, I followed this tutorial How to make RIDER in Unity (Livestream) - YouTube, and made my own shape to glow, but it has exactly the same problem with the example scene.

As you can see, left side (Scene view) has the glow on the circle, but the right side (Game view) has zero glow. If I adjust the minimum value of the Threshhold from MK Glow script to below zero, everything in the camera starts to glow, which I don’t want.

What am I doing wrong?

having the same problem… were you able to fix it yet?

Did you check Project Settings > Graphics > HDR Mode? That did it for me!

Cheers, Can

Fixed for my by adding a “Flare Layer” to my camera components.

Cheers, LX

Enabling “Post Processing” on my camera worked for me.