ML.NET in unity

There is a new machine learning API from Microsoft, called ML.NET. I have tryed it and it is just great, but, cannot figure out how to use it in unity.
The ML examples are done in Visual Studio projects that target 64 bit processors and are of type .NET Core.

As unity does not support that I am guessing my best bet is to try building a .dll api project and importing it into Unity:

I have tryed building an xxxx.dll api(.net core 2.0 class library) and copyed it into /Assets/plugins folder, but when typing a using xxxx; statement it is as though it was not there.
I have also tryed building a framework api but ML support starts at framework version 4.6.1, and if I build that version, Unity does not recognise the xxxx.dll either.
The same goes for the .net standard api bild.

So I guess my question is: How can I use ML.NET in Unity?

I had a similar problem when trying to use OracleDataAccess.dll.

I think unity uses different implementations of classes. These do then not work with DLLs built for the standard .net stuff.
In my case with the oracle stuff I basically had to build a separate application on a webserver that was called by my unity project.

So I guess there is no easy or even acceptable way for your use case. Sorry.

There is a full guide how to implement MLNET with Unity. I did already implemented that into my 2 games. Works amazing. MLNET is a game changer