MMO Server backend: Smartfox or Photon

I have been looking for a server back-end and so far I have narrowed my search down to Photon server and SmartFox Server 2x. I’d like some help in selecting one of these from people who have experience using them. What I am looking for is which one would be faster/easier to develop with.

Any help will be great.

We are releasing a MMO kit that allows you to create a MMO game easily with Unity, with out even coding anything. It uses our Atavism Engine for back end server side and Unity as the client. Take a look at our website for more information or read more on our Unity forum thread.

Unity Forum Thread

Have you considered AppWarp S2 solution? Its free license is good for 500 CCUs. The server side coding is to be done in Java (similar to Smartfox).

One of its samples has its client side in Unity 3D so its easy to get started as well.

The Unity client SDK also comes with native plugins in case you want to build for iOS/Android from Unity free version (unlike Smartfox which requires you to use the paid version of Unity for such)