MMORPG for android?

MMO Technology
Unity doesn’t currently come with built in functionality to build full scale Massively Multiplayer games, but a number of companies have come to the rescue with solid technology and polished Unity integration. Following are but a few examples of excellent technologies which are available to both companies and individuals (ordered alphabetically).

Could we make MMORPG game for android?The view’s meaning above which I saw in unity’s introduction is that we cannt make MMORPG game by unity only?We need other tools and may to pay for other tools?

You will need external server to handle player interactions but yes you can build an MMORPG in unity for android (if you have the android license of unity). You do not have to pay for Graphics or modeling tools use free ones (blender , Gimp).

Because Unity has no 123 steps to your MMO Wizard you should think about that an MMO is a damm lot of work.