Mobile Ads - Simple way to integrate ads in your app

Mobile Ads
Simple and powerful ad integration tool
Get it from: Asset Store - Mobile Ads
For detailed implementation instruction see the Documentation

Also we published a Video Tutorial for beginners to show how to use our test scene using your id`s and also how to implement the plugin in a game from scratch. The code we used in our tutorial is available in the video description. This tutorial uses Unity Ads as example, but it works exactly the same with any other advertiser.

Download Android Demo

Key features:

  • Integrate easily all supported advertisers simply by importing their SDK, no other settings are required. It is not mandatory to integrate all/any of the supported advertisers to work.
  • Load ad from any ad platform using the same line of code.
  • Customizable mediation policy by using either order mediation or weight based mediation.
  • Read mediation config file from an external server of choice to allow the ad display order to be changed without uploading a new build to the store.
  • Works for Android / iOS / Windows Store without any additional setup.

Currently supported advertisers:

  • AdColony

  • AdMob

  • AppLovin

  • ChartBoost

  • Facebook Audience Network

  • Heyzap

  • MoPub

  • UnityAds

  • Vungle

Easy Advertiser Setup from a Custom Editor Window:

3540072--284104--independent mediation.jpg

Simple ad display functions that work for all advertisement platforms without any change:

  • Show Banner:
  • Show Interstitial:
private void InterstitialClosed()
     Debug.Log("Interstitial closed -> Resume Game ");
  • Show Rewarded Video:
private void CompleteMethod(bool completed)
          Debug.Log("Give reward");
          Debug.Log("Ad skipped -> no reward for you");

GDPR Compliance (it is not required if just Unity and/or Vungle sdk`s are used otherwise in mandatory).
You have to get user consent for each new user that enters your app. To do this our plugin uses 2 methods:

Advertisements.Instance.SetUserConsent(bool consent)

Sets and also stores(saves on device) the user answer so all ads from now on will be displayed based on this settings.
The default value(if is not set by the user) is true - will display targeted ads.

bool Advertisements.Instance.UserConsentWasSet()

If true, user already gave his consent, do not bother him anymore

The SetUserConsent method needs to be called before initializing the sdk when user opens the app for the first time.

Some step by step full integration tutorials are available here:
Mobile Ads (GDPR Compliant) - Unity Ads integration tutorial

Mobile Ads (GDPR Compliant) - Admob integration tutorial using Unity

Mobile Ads (GDPR Compliant) - All supported advertisers integration tutorial using Unity

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Thank you for offering this for free!

Hope you get lots of interest and gain traction for sales :)

Thank you for appreciation, and we hope you find it useful.

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We notice that many users have the following problem when using Admob with Mobile Ads. After the build, the app just crashes. The fix is very simple, is related to Google Mobile Ads Unity Plugin.

Go to: Assets Menu -> Play Services Resolver -> Android Resolver -> Resolve.
This will import the required Google libraries and all will work as expected now.
3483779--277161--play service resolver.png

The Mobile Ads - 1.0.4 update is now live on Asset Store.

Changes in this version:

  • Added a callback method when interstitial ad is closed.

Thank you for offering this free, I was looking for something like this for our upcoming game. Weighted ordering feature is exactly what I was looking for.

Btw, may I suggest the following feature: Reading mediation config from Unity Analytics Remote Settings? String key/value should be easily hold ad display order data...

Thank you for the idea. We will consider implementing that feature in an upcoming update, we have to take a closer look on what it will be the easiest way to do it, to be very user friendly. We want to keep it as simple as possible.

Maybe, if that is ok with you, we will contact you in private to talk more about that feature.

Also if you have other suggestions, of features, or ad providers that you want to be implemented in future updates please let us know. We will try to implement as much as possible if we consider it to be useful for other users as well.

Thanks for the consideration, of course, feel free to contact…

Also just to say big thanks for you asset!

Thank you, we are glad we could help you, also if you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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Why do you recommend HeyZap? I'm curious as a long time admob user why you prefer that over admob specifically as the primary ad serving platform?

That is a good question. The Admob mediation and Heyzap mediation, both work great, but I`ve always had problems integrating third party sdk into Admob, and had build errors in both Android and iOS platforms. The Hayzap sdk mediation works out of the box for all platforms they support.

Our asset does what Heyzap and Admob are doing, mediating between multiple advertisements, but as you can see to our documentation if you use all supported platforms you have to do additional setup(to delete some library, to manually modify some android manifests and so on).

To conclude, Admob and Heyzap are doing a great job at mediating ads, there is no performance issues between them, just the integration is easy through Heyzap. Our plugin does mediation as well, but we are trying to let the developer test the available options to see which ad platform works best for his app and in which configuration.

This asset is intended for developers that don`t have a huge amount of experience with ads so we want to keep it as simple as possible and to eliminate the amount of errors that could appear when you integrate a lot of different plugins into your project, and Heyzap is more error free than Admob when mediating through it.

Also thank you for your interest in our asset.

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The Mobile Ads 1.1.0 is now live on Asset Store.

Changes in this version:

  • Fixed banner switch from top to bottom on the same scene.
  • Fixed OnCompleteMethod bug when rewarded video was skipped.

Hello GleyGames,
Thank you for this free assets, just a question , i have imported Gley and Vungle SDK but i don't know how call ad from restart button...,
i need to write script attached withe game object ?
sorry i'm a beginner.

thank you again.

where is your free edition? :(

Hello, thank you for choosing Mobile Ads. To call an ad from your button you have to call Advertisements.Instance.ShowInterstitial(); in your restart function. If you need more assistance you can send us an e-mail at and we will help you integrate ads in your game.

Hello, our asset was free for almost 2 months but we are working at improving it constantly and to offer fast support for every user that is interested in our asset in less than 24 hours, so we cannot provide the asset for free anymore. Anyway we tried to offer it at a price lower that other similar assets. If you cannot afford that price or you think is too high send us an e-mail at, and we will find a solution to help you integrate ads in your game.

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Thank you so mach it work:)

We are glad we could help you. Also if you have another questions feel free to ask and we will answer as soon as possible.
And to help other users out, we will appreciate an honest review of the pack on Asset Store.
Thank you.

We want to share with you our short time plans.

Now we are working at a new and improved Settings Window that is more user friendly and easy to understand. Also will offer a more deep level of customization. Here is a preview of what we are doing:

Now you will be able to select different mediation policy for your interstitial and rewarded video advertisers.

After this will be uploaded to Asset Store we will work at what PixelEnvision suggested.

If you have any suggestions of improving this plugin, or what you will find useful for you please let us know in a post.