Mobile Background Design

I’m trying to make a mobile football game which has a football field as the background. The player will run to the end of the field to score a Touchdown, but the length of the field will change as the user progresses through levels.

I’m working with a program called Qubicle to create my assets for the field and players. My question is would I need to create the entire field or just create segments and add them as the player runs across the screen?

I guess what I’m trying to understand is how to get the background to spawn as the camera moves, but then end at the endzone of the field. I know how to do it for an “endless” running so it keeps spawning new field objects as the camera moves, but this never ends. I need mine to end.

Here’s a pic of an example of the field I’m trying to recreate. Any help would be much appreciated. Finding tutorials or information on this stuff is super difficult to find.

link text

I actually made the game you’ve linked to, so I know exactly what you’re trying to achieve, but for the same reason I can’t really give you a whole lot of help (contract, IP and NDA’s etc).

You are however on the right lines but exactly how you achieve it is up to you. You could make a series of fields of different lengths and just load in the right one. You can create the whole field at the start which is pieced together as segments or you could create a little bit of the field as you are running along by just adding new sections as you progress. In any case, you should know how long you want to make the field, keep track of it and then you’ll know where to put the end point / stop the camera etc.

Basically my advice is for starters, just do whatever you think makes sense! Get it working and then look at refinements.

I will of course say don’t just copy our game :slight_smile: