Mobile bump shader not working

Good afternoon. I try to make three-dimensional to the application for mobile platforms. Certainly, I use shaders. When I use shader “bumped diffuse”, we will allow the sphere from 525 vertices it traces as 1050 vertices. On how many I understood it becomes in two pass. But when I apply a similar shader of “Mobile/Bumped diffuse” h, 525 vertices are already drawn, but bump map for some reason isn’t applied. Prompt please how to force mobile shader to apply bump map and it is desirable for one pass (i.e. to count only 525 vertices). Thanks in advance for the help.

I found solution. It is necessary to replace point light with direction light. Then to appear bump texture. Unfortunately point light is necessary to me. Therefore the decision number 2 was to write the shader on GLSL (not surface) in which in 1 pass all was connected with light and bump texture.