[Mobile Game] Agents x Monsters

Hello, I have been working on this mobile game for 1 or 2 months now.

About me:
I am 28 and I live in Brussels. This is my first mobile game, but I developed games for fun with unity before.

I made a demo and I want to test if the gameplay is entertaining. It is playable in the browser on itch.io.

Size of the team:
Just me for now, maybe a UX designer will join.

It is a hero manager. Your role is to equip your character with the right tools and then send him on missions! The character can move, jump and fight by himself. Depending on how you prepare him, he will succeed, or fail...

What I am looking for:
It's very simple, the game is playable in the browser so if you could try it and tell me if it's the kind of game you would play =].

You can play it here on the browser https://eyon.itch.io/agentsxmonsters


Hello raghunathprajapat131 =]. Did you play the game? What did you think about it?

I recently came across what we could call a gameplay mistake in the game.

Agents x Monsters is a strategy game. You must understand what are the weaknesses of the monsters and equip the character accordingly so he can clear the level.


Here is the problem I found:

I wanted the monsters to move randomly on the map, so each time you launch a level they are never exactly at the same place. They move through this code:

void random_rb()
// --------------------------------- The distance I walk is random ---------------------------------
speed = Random.Range(minSpeed, maxSpeed);
WanderingDice = Random.Range(1, 4);
if (Wandering)
if (WanderingDice == 2) // go Right
rb.velocity = new Vector2(speed, rb.velocity.y);
Sprite.flipX = false;
if (WanderingDice == 3) // go Left
rb.velocity = new Vector2(-speed, rb.velocity.y);
Sprite.flipX = true;
So each turn (every two seconds) they can:

  • stay in place
  • or go left at a speed of X
  • or go right at a speed of X

Problem: The order in which you fight enemies matters in this game!
Here is an example, here is how I designed a level:

Case1: Ghost before Headless monster

But here is what can happen:

Case 2: Headless monster before Ghost

The correct call here (Case 1) is to equip the character with a bow so he can kill the ghost. Ghosts are weak against bows, we one shot them. Because it is a powerful weapon, the bow has a cooldown of 10 sec.

You see the problem here =P

In case 2 you use the bow against the Headless monster. It is useless. So you wasted the bow, and now you'll have to fight the ghost in close combat... But I designed the level so the right call is to use a bow so you're not supposed to be harmed by the ghost so if you are, you will not be able to finish the level.

Conclusion: The player made the right strategic move, but because of no luck (random movements) he still loses.

That is unacceptable in a strategy game.

So in the most recent build I changed that

I am working on the look and feel. I will dedicate the next weeks to draw animations for my characters. Then I will attack sound design!
You can try the game in the browser here =] https://eyon.itch.io/agentsxmonsters

Animation of another enemy in the game:

Currently working on that:5872054--625159--upload_2020-5-19_21-3-42.png

From the begining I wanted the player to have the choice between two characters. I am not sure how to do it though.
Currently I have this:

public void Change_perso()
Sprite Opal = Resources.Load("Pers:eyes:pal", typeof(Sprite)) as Sprite;
AttackGO.GetComponent().btwAttackCaC=0.5f ;
PersoGO.GetComponent().startingLife = 8;
PersoGO.GetComponent().currentLife = 8;
PersoGO.GetComponent().sprite = Opal;

So on click on a specific button, the stats of my main character prefab change. It is the same prefab, I just change everything about it.

The other solution would be to create one prefab per selectable main characters. I would then instantiate the right one at the begining of the level.

I'm still hesitating between the two options.