Mobile Game Downloadable

I have made a mobile game and I am wanting to share it with a friend I have it in unity is there any way you can make it so that it can be emailed to them and install or any way to share it with them with out them being near you?

Go to File>Build Settings>. Choose your platform which I guess is either iOS or Android in your case and click on ‘switch platform’ . Make sure you select all the scenes you want in the game in the window above. Make sure the player settings and everything else is fine as you want them. Then just click on ‘build’. Choose where you want the built game is to be copied and click on ‘select folder’. There will be a progress bar, when it completes, you will be shown the folder where the game got build. Thats it!

Upload the folder on media file, or any other file uploader website and share the link!