Mobile Game Question

Hi, I have no experience in coding in c#, but am willing to learn. I have a mobile game in mind that is similar to space invaders but has a static character at the bottom of the screen, and to fire at incoming enemies you would tap them or tap in the direction they would be coming at. What should I be looking into to achieve this type of effect, in regards to coding and stuff.

Programming should be easy as long as you are willing to spend loads of time with broken scripts. Not trying to deter you, but in the beginning Unity can be tough. I would look up how to do stuff like this on youtube. There are plenty of videos to learn from!

The above link will give you information you will need in order to figure out how to make your character fire, as well as show you how to do enemies, etc.

This second link will take you to an asset package that is similar to your idea. It has a fixed character, that can fire by tapping where the enemies are coming from.

Between both of those you should be able to come up with all the information you need in order to create a game similar to what you want.

You can also visit the following link:

Which will take you to all sorts of live trainings provided directly from Unity. They are really thorough tutorials, and teach quite a bit. If you have no idea about coding at all, I suggest you take a quick video lesson on YouTube about programming logic. Also to start getting an understanding of what variables and everything are you can use YouTube as well.

Last I would send you with:!/content/6640
This asset has helped me learn how to do a lot of things and it can help you get a great jump start on projects. Other than that you just have to start writing code, it’s the only way to learn how to do it. The same goes for the Unity engine, the only way to learn is to jump in and start using it and seeing where things go and what you can make happen with them. Good luck!