Mobile Game screen size


I am new in unity game developing. I have made a simple level of my first game as a (480 x 320) screen size but when I am trying to open it in a big screen sized display then it deforms. mainly the GUI textures

Please watch these pictures.

[24514-screen+size+(480+x+320).jpg|24514] This is the image of (480 x 320) screen size.

[24515-screen+size+(1280+x+800).jpg|24515] And this is the image of (1280 x 800) screen size.

So what setting I have to do for all type of devices that looks nice and appreciate? Please help me It is really a great problem.

Unfortunately in Unity GUITexture and GUIText automatically aren’t scaled under a display resolution. As the solution of it the script which scales under the screen can serve. I wrote such script in my pregoing response. I hope it to you will help.