Mobile input not detected with Starter Asset First Person Controller

Hi everyone !

So today my issue is simple, I tried the new First Person Controller from the Starter Asset of Unity (there it is: to see how the NewInput System works.

I followed their tutorial and everything work fine or almost. Now my issue, in fact I have two issues a minor and a major one.

The minor one is that sometimes when I move the player, it continues to move although I released the key… if anyone has an idea ?

But my main issue is the following one: When I use Unity remote (MacOS to iPhone 13) the screen appears on the mobile phone but it doesn’t detect the inputs on the screen however it detects on the computer. And if I try with the input debugger (Window → Analyse → Input Debugger) and switch it to “Simulate Touch Input”, well it works on the computer.

Do you guys know what did I wrong ?

P.S: I don’t want to try a build … you know why ^^
P.P.S: Or do I simply trust the Input Debugger and simply think that Unity Remote is not so truthful

Thank you a lot for your responses !

Ok guys, I have the answers, and I’m so sorry but did not see the following thread before.

So it’s simple, Unity remote 5 is compatible with the new Unity Input System only with Unity 2021.2.18 or later.

Here is the whole thread (there is 4 pages):

Hope it helps !