Mobile joystick, is there any built in solution?

with the new UI and enent system. i saw also some new input features.
is there any built in solution for mobile joystick?

i will be glad to see tutorial about this topic.

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The Sample Assets (beta) will hopefully be upgraded soon:!/content/14474

does it implemented or integrated with the new GUI system?

According to their information, they at least plan to update the samples for the new UI.

OK... thanks!

Im waiting on the art work for the asset store to upload the 4.6 version of the sample assets but in the meantime here is the cross platform input section that should show you how to set up a joystick and touch zones with the new gui

1742828–110136– (246 KB)


awesome! thanks. i guess i will be able to check it in the editor too?
now i'm using some asset for the joystick and touch buttons. but it create separate drawcall for each button on screen.
i assume that using the new gui system will eliminate this problem... am i right?

OK, apparently i can't just replace the current version files with the new version. it mess things up since i working with the third person controller and they not match. any way, this control doesn't really work on editor (with mouse) i need to connect device with the unity remote which suck. so i hope to see other solutions for this...

You would have to disable the mobile input from the menu to be able to use mouse and keyboard in the editor. The other option is to use the unity remote for testing in editor. Keep an eye on this thread for any updates that we will release:

The newest version of sample assets for 4.6 is on the asset store!/content/21064

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Great! thanks.