Mobile joystick moving my player like the game is played in portait screen, but the game is in landscape mode.

Beginner here , dont flame me for my ignorance pls :smiley:

So i got an working playercontroller script with mobile joystick, but the problem is that my joystick moves my character like my screen was in portrait mode. (i move joystick up, the char goes left , if i move stick down char goes right and so on)
How can i make the joystick move my character correctly as the game i made is in landscape mode?

EDIT. Hmm… i got an idea, what if i just rotate the whole game with camera 90 degrees ? Then joystick should be moving my character just like it should… Is this a smart way to solve my problem? :smiley:

Hello @Tonba,

Could you share your code? It’s hard to tell what is going on (and whether your solution would work) without seeing the specific code.

As for being a beginner: you’ve come to the right place! Nobody on here will flame you for ignorance unless they’re having a REALLy bad day / week / life.