Mobile Max Texture Size

I have 12 fruits in a mobile game.
every fruit has a 512*512 texture.

my plan is to make 3 * (2048 * 2048) texture.

My question is: can i make bigger textures?
Is the 2048’s texture is the biggest to use on mobile?

It depends what your target platform is.

Using OpenGLES 1.1,

Max 1024x1024

  • iPhone

  • iPhone 3G

Using OpenGLES 2.0,

Max 2048x2048

  • iPhone 3GS

  • iPhone 4

  • iPad

Max 4096x4096

  • iPhone 4S

  • iPhone 5

  • iPad 2

  • iPad 3

For Android,

Google Galaxy Nexus  2048
Google Nexus One  1024 / 2048 / 4096
Google Nexus S   2048
HTC One S   4096
LG P880    2048
Motorola Xoom   2048
Samsung Galaxy Tab  2048
Samsung Omnia2   2048
Samsung OmniaHD   2048
SonyEricsson Xperia Arc  4096
SonyEricsson Xperia Play 4096
SonyEricsson Xperia S  4096
T-Mobile G1   1024

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I would recommend to keep support for max 2048x2048 devices a bit longer. It’s also a matter of memory for all devices (depending on usage of these textures).

Hi guys,

Any idea how much this has changed in these days (Android ONLY)? I am considering one larger texture for my ground and I am wondering if I lose too many devices if I use 4096. It would make huge difference to me but do not want to miss out on too many devices.

EDIT: I have found many contradicting answers so far. Some answers say that 99% of Android devices support 4098 and that was 1 year old answer so I think not too true…

From what I have found and understood it depends which Open GL device is using (3.0 upwards allows for 4098 for sure). And from this data: ,

which is from 8th August 2017 it is clear that there is still almost 28% of devices that use Open Gl 2.0.

I have not been able to find whether Open GL 2.0 supports 4098 or not. If someone has more knowledge on it please share. No “I think” or “I guess” :).