Mobile Notification Android doens't Group notifications

Mobile Notification package

i used Group notification in android platform but it is not works.

my script like below

void SetNotificationAOS(int id, string title, string text, DateTime firetime)

        AosNotiChannel = new AndroidNotificationChannel()
            Id = /*id.ToString()*/"1",
            Name = "KAMP NOTI",
            Description ="Kamp Attend Reward Notification",
            Importance = Importance.Default,




    AndroidNotification notification = new AndroidNotification()
        Title = title,
        Text = text,
        SmallIcon = "icon_0",
        LargeIcon = "icon_1",
        FireTime = /*firetime*/DateTime.Now.ToLocalTime().AddSeconds((double)id),
        Style = NotificationStyle.BigTextStyle,
        GroupSummary = true,
        Group = "KAMP NOTI",
        SortKey = "1",

    var Identifier = AndroidNotificationCenter.SendNotification(notification, AosNotiChannel.Id);


is there wrong something to set notification group?

test device : samsung gelaxy 7

Mobile notification version : 1.3.0

안녕하세요, 비슷한 문제로 고통받다가 방금 해결해서 남깁니다.

"Group = “KAMP NOTI” << 부분을 지워보는건 어때요?
Group을 초기화 하지 않은 상태에서, Summary만 true로 올리니까 묶여서 나오더라구요.

확신하지는 못하지만. 해당 선언이 안드로이드의 Automatic grouping을 방해하는게 아닐까 싶어요.

행운을 빕니다. 화이팅!!

Hello, I’ve just solved it and left it after suffering from a similar problem.

Why don’t you delete the line >> “Group = “KAMP NOTI””?
Without initializing the group, I only uploaded the summary to true, and it came out tied up.

I’m not sure. I think that the declaration is interfering with Android’s automatic grouping.
I wish you the best of luck

Link :