Mobile Version: How to pickup and drop an item.

Hello Guys, I really need help in picking up and throwing items in Unity 3d.
Btw, this is a mobile first person perspective version of the game.

I want my character to pickup items if the camera is looking at the item with distance, and if it’s already looking at the item, it will display a message near the item that displays the name of the item and the item will also be highlighted or outlined or will glow.
For example: Item_Axe = “Axe”. Also a button will popup in the screen that will allow the user to pickup the item when it is touched.

The character will be able to pickup the item by touching the button that popups in the screen. (remember my game is for mobile version) and after the item is picked-up, I want it to look like my character is really holding it with his hand.

For throwing or dropping the item, there will be a word or a button that says “Drop item” and when it is touched, the item will be dropped with a small amount of force that is added to it.

This is really my first time making a game and I’m still a student and I really need help for this project because our Country doesn’t have a course for making a game so I’m really finding ways to learn how to code things in making a game. It will really be a big help for me for those who can give suggestions for my problem thank you! :slight_smile:

Good day.

You are asking something that has been answered several times, with so much tutorials in youtube, so many guide manuals…

Dont want to learn what you need, you need tp learn how to find and use the functions you need. Spend time learning things that aparently you dont need, and will see that you are learning to learn, thats the important thing.

I close the question. Good luck!