Mobile version of the "Self-Illumin/Bumped Diffuse"

As the title says, I need a Mobile version of the Self-Illumin/Bumped Diffuse.

I am no programmer, so even if there was a tutorial on how to make a normal shader into a mobile one I would be very interested in that.

Thank you in advance.

There is nothing special about a shader that makes it “for mobile”. There are only cheap and expensive (in GPU usage) shaders. If you’re developing for mobile, you probably want to be using the cheapest shaders you can to get the best performance you can, that’s why the cheap shaders that come built in are labeled “mobile”.

Can you use an expensive shader on a mobile device? Possibly, if you have no other performance bottlenecks.
Try the shader out, build for the target device and if it’s too slow, you can’t use that shader.

If you are no programmer, forget about writing or modifying shaders until you know how to write scripts. Shaders are unforgiving, one mistake and all you’ll get is flat pink objects and unhelpful error messages.

The manual says that the shader you’re talking about is “relatively cheap” to render. So your problem is probably elsewhere- like having too many (as in, more than one) lights.