MobileCore Script Help?

I’m trying to integrate MobileCore’s Ads into my game, but their instructions on how to integrate them are not so good.

For instance, what’s wrong with this script(keep in mind that my game is built using Javascript):

using UnityEngine; 
using System.Collections; 
using UnityAndroid; 
public class SimpleGUI : MonoBehaviour {
    MobilecoreAndroid mMobilecoreAndroid; 
    void OnGUI () {
        // Make a background box.
        GUI.Box (new Rect (10, 10, 250, 160), "Mobilecore Menu");
        if (mMobilecoreAndroid == null) {
           mMobilecoreAndroid = new MobilecoreAndroid (gameObject);
       // Make the first button.
       if (GUI.Button (new Rect (20, 40, 220, 60), "Show Offerwall")) {
           print ("You clicked the button Show Offerwall");
           mMobilecoreAndroid.ShowOfferwall ();

Has anyone here ever worked with MobileCore?

On the new plugin initialization has been revised. Use this.

mMobilecoreAndroid = new MobilecoreAndroid (“Your dev hush”, MobilecoreAndroid.LOGTYPE_PROD,
gameObject, MobilecoreAndroid.ALL_UNITS);