MobileSingleStickControl multi touch doesnt work

Hi, I added in Unity 5 the MobileSingleStickControl with the JumpButton and the MobileJoystick. The Elements work right so far, but if I want to use both elements at the same time it doesn’t work. I can not jump during move the MobileJoystick.

So how I could configure the Mobile Single Stick Control to use both element at the same time?

I am having the exact same issue as asked by @deadp0Int the answer given

Multi-touch doesn’t work at unity remote.

which does not seem to address the issue, im not using unity remote simply pushing the apk through the cmd window and onto an android device so i don’t really see how that can be the problem. I do have GUI in my scene which apparently does not support multi-touch, could this be breaking it? any insights would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe you solved it allready: Check if your EventSystem have “Force Module Active” only for “Touch input Module”.