model and mesh getting separated

Hi guys, I am importing a model from blender into unity 3d. Ive tried exporting as an fbx and importing just that as well as importing the entire blend file. Problem is that in unity, I see both the model and the mesh and they are not always one on top of the other. Here's an image of what I see on my screen:

Have you guys experienced this problem before? Any way to fix it? This is a big issue when I apply colliders because the collisions take place with the mesh instead of object !

And yes, I know my airplane looks crappy, but I only learnt blender a few days before learning unity so still learning both :)

I'm going to take a stab at this and assume the child object named Cube is the GameObject with the actual mesh component on it. Check that it's local rotation and offset aren't different to the parent objects, or alternatively move the mesh collider to the same GameObject that the mesh is setting on.