Model can't be rescaled... Weird bug or user oversight?


I’m pretty desperate right now because I encountered a weird issue that is annoying me to no end.

I created a model in 3D Studio Max and then FBX-exported it to Unity. So far so good, the model looked as it should when dragged into the scene.

After that, I wanted to make the model a littel smaller, so I downscaled it inside 3D Studio Max a little and then reexported.

Now comes the weird part: When I drag the model into the scene, the model’s scale inside the inspector is changed relative to the rescaling done in max, so if I sclaed it down 50% in max the model’s scale inside unity read 0.5 for example, and if I setthe scales back to 1 the model funnily enough is back at the original model’s scale, before I downscaled it in max.

I have no idea how this could be, it’s like Unity somehow stored the original model and compares it to the rescaled one or something like that.

Well anyway, I’m at a loss here so either this is a bug or I should take a break :wink:

All help appreciated!

kensct and Scribe are correct, if the normal scaling tool is used to scale a model in 3D Studio Max the scaling percentage stays (I actually have no idea how to apply it to reset it). I just undid the rescaling by entering 100 in the fields at the bottom.

I did what Scribe suggested and selected all vertices from the Edit Mesh modifier and then scaled those, and it worked.

Thank you a thousand times! =)