Model Creation on Unity?

Is it possible to make a large scale version of something, then group it, resize it, and use it as a model?

Your question is a bit vague but I do believe that I can answer it. You really want to stay with a different program when making the original (not sure if that is what you meant), and import it to Unity. After you have done that you can then make the object as big or small as needed. You can even take parts of your model and group them as you need to. Just remember that when you do this you will want to create your empty game object and use that as the parent so as to group the different objects that have been imported. Once you have all of your objects sized the way you want to then you can group them all into a single empty gameobject. I hope this helps.

Yes, it is definitely possible!

  1. Resize the object(s)
  2. Add the resized object(s) to an empty game object with any name
  3. Resize the empty game object to resize the whole group
  4. The entire thing can be used as you want!