Model for the car race game

I developed the tutorial of the race car succesfully.Now I want to import a different car model and I find it difficult to adapt the car.js to the new car model.There are some features that must have the model to make this replacement without problems, I can not spin the wheels in the new model for example.What type of model I must use then?

Every model is not suitable for everything, best thing to do sumthing with models is modelling them by yourself, if you take 'em from the internet , you’ll need luck to find convenient model to your scripts.(let’s say some physics components)

I have created a car model from scratch, matching the naming convention of the race car. Everything is working BUT the wheels do not spin. Any ideas?

I’m not skilled in scripting, but I can go line for line in the car.js script and my “from scratch” scene matches perfectly. BUT my wheels do not spin. I can drive the car, but the wheels stay static. Anyone else have issues with the wheels spinning

Create your game object tree for your model exactly the same as it is done in the car tutorial. Also make sure you have a texture/material set for the brake lights.

I found before not having this material set actually stopped the wheels from spinning, believe it or not.

Also check your debug window make sure you are not missing any assigned objects the car script requires, which could be preventing the wheels from turning.