Model import problem


I have a problem when I’m importing models in to Unity.

First problem:
As an example, I’ve done a kinda cool house in Cinema 4D and I think it looks really good. But when I’m done importing it to Unity it looks like sh*t. As you can see in the picture, the top one is from Unity and the botton one from Cinema.

I have no idea why it looks like this, and I appreciate all help I can get.

Second problem:
It looks like parts of the model dissapear. As in the image below, It looks good in cinema but not in Unity.

im not sure , but i think u most flip the normals of your 3d model

click on the model in assest’s folder inside of unity and look in the inspector then click on model. after that look for Normals and it’ll say import.change that to calculate and drag the slide all the way to the left. :slight_smile: hope this solves your problem…b/c it should :slight_smile: