Model looks glossy after downloading it to WebGL from assetbundle

I’m currently trying to download an asset bundle into my WebGL build. When I run it with the model already in the scene, my model looks fine. However, when I don’t have the model in the assets folder and try to download the asset bundle to run in WebGL on Chrome, my model gets a very glossy look to it. This glossy look changes depending on what angle I’m looking at it from, with the glossy effect going away when I am above the model. I have attached an image of the model when running it with the model being saved in the assets folder and an image after downloading it from its asset bundle. I am currently running Unity 5.3.2p1. Thanks in advance for the help.


So this must have been a problem with the version of Unity I was using. Overnight I updated it to 5.3.4p1 and I rebuilt the asset bundle and tried again and the white glossy look was gone.