Model/mesh has huge collider even though there is no collider added and even if there was why so big

Hi all, so I have a game in progress that is very similar to Asteroids.
I was using spheres as primitive game objects and it all works perfectly in this case, but I need to be able to rotate the ship’s model, and move the sphere as seperate entities and so I decided to keep the sphere for the positioning (but with no mesh renderer on it, just the sphere collider).
And then as a child of that sphere is my model of a spaceship.
It all works fine, ie. the ship rotation is completely seperate to that of the position of its parent sphere.

My problem is when I added the OnTriggerEnter to test collision between Ship to Asteroid. It would trigger immediately.

So I looked further into it, I zoomed right out on the Unity editor and could see that there is a huge collider that appears to be part of the mesh. (Now the mesh i did download from Blend Swap, but I have tried 3 varied ships and they have all done it - not to mention that I pulled them into Blender first and editted them so that it was just the ship part that I wanted and when I exported the OBJ/FBX’s I ticked the box “Selected Only”, - In a nutshell - I’m 110% sure there wasnt some little camera/light/object floating around that would cause the model to have such a big collider)

Secondly , I think I mentioned already, that in Inspector THERE ISNT ANY COLLIDER supposed to be attached to the mesh/model.

Heres a screenshot which I hope shows what I mean.

I really hope there is a way to fix/remove this as its been stopping me progressing any further and if it cant be removed I will have to start the whole game from scratch again.

Really I am also asking, why is there a collider even there when as you can see in the screenshot it clearly doesnt have any collider added. The parent has a collider, but this is the correct size and I can adjust/deactivate it as I’d expect. In my mind this collider pictured shouldnt exist.

Hello there,

If you’ve swapped the model and it hasn’t helped, I would recommend checking the hierarchy. There may be a child or parent of your object with that collider on it, and that would trigger collision events on your ship.

Hope that helps!

~ LegendBacon