Model not rendered on Android

I created a 3D model in Blender and imported into Unity. It works fine when building for PC and it also worked fine on an older Android device. But when building for my new Samsung Galaxy S9 (Android 9, API level 28), the model is not visible. Some flickering from the object can be seen though. I have tried creating a cube next to my model and assigned both the cube and the model the same Unity default material using the Standard shader. The cube is rendered ok on Android but the model is invisible. I have also tried unchecking “Use 32-bit Display Buffer” and “Disable Depth and Stencil” under Player Settings->Resolution and Presentation, but it did not help.

Solution found: Disable “GPU Skinning” under Player Settings->Other Settings

The model i created in Blender was a rigged model and Unity assigned a Skinned Mesh Renderer. Apparently GPU Skinning didn’t work on Galaxy S9.