Model Rig Skeleton - Bone Structure Not Appearing in Hierarchy

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First time poster here so I apologize if this topic is not in the correct place and if my terminology is incorrect.

I am a novice user of unity and I am having problems managing my player controller. I am using the Invector plugin to manage the control method for my Player and NPCs, however, I believe the issue I am facing might be the way in which I am importing the model to unity or utilizing the model rigging functionality.

The context of my situation:

In order to utilize the functionality of Invector I need to have the bone structure tree of the model (See Fig. 1) appear when I generate a player character. These individual components (bones) will generate cylindrical colliders when I utilize the invector rag-doll functionality.

Fig. 1 - Player Character Model in the Skeleton Mapping Scene

When the model is opened in the rigging window my initial problem that becomes apparent is hm00_bone_j001' has a bone length of zero. To resolve this I simply use the Move Tool function to extrude the bone so it has a value and then pressing "Apply".

Fig. 2 - Before Spine Extrusion
Fig. 3 - After Spine Extrusion

After completing this I am left with these errors which I do not know how to address:
"Avatar Rig Configuration mis-match. Bone length in configuration does not match position in animation file:
'hm00_bone_j017' : position error = 7.289085 mm
'hm00_bone_j001' : position error = 56.484943 mm

Fig. 4 - Errors Post Model Rigging

Following this, after generating a Player Character (PC), the PC tree nested in the hierarchy of the Game Scene I have set up does not populate with the bones that have been associated with the Player Character Model. I am only left with hm00_skin_polymsh.

Fig. 5 - Player Character Creation

Could these compounding issues be the reason as to why only hm00_skin_polymsh is being populated rather than the entire bone structure tree? If so, where should I begin to resolve these issues and if not, what would be the best method of finding the root cause?

I very much appreciate any help.


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These questions belong in the Animation subforum. You're also more likely to have it seen there. This subforum is for issues with the documentation itself.

I’m also having the same problem do you have any solution for this?

Not to necro, but could not find repost in animation forum and this is top result.

It happens because "Optimize Game Object" is turned on.
The way to go about for the original post is to select only the bones you need in the "Extra transforms to expose" panel.
Or just disable the optimization of hierarchy for everything exposed.