Model rotation and hierarchy of game objects - not rotating!

Hi all, I'm new to unity3d but have programmed 3D apps before. I have a hierarchy like this:


  • body
  • shorts
  • shoes

Player, body, shorts, and shoes are all GameObjects. Player is used just as a container and is the parent of the other parts. Each of the children has a Mesh and a Mesh Renderer. I am trying to rotate the entire player so I thought I could just modify the rotation of the Player transform. I can see the y-value of the rotation changing in the inspector when I run my script but the 'model' does not rotate. I can't understand why this doesn't work.

Am I missing something unique to unity? Thanks

The player has an animation that modifies rotation and position of the object itself, so the animation overrides any changes you make. The solution, make the player a child of another gameobject and do moving, rotation on this one.