Model textures are empty on reverse side

I’m following an example project from a book and one of the models is a cartoon tree. From the top the tree looks fine but from underneath it you can see right through the leave textures so it looks like there is nothing there at all.

I’m wondering is this a problem with the tree model or is it something I need to do to the texture on import to fix it?

The example loads the tree model and textures separately.

export as .dae (COLLADA) that will make it 2 sided

I am not sure exactly what the problem is, but I would assume it has something to do with the shader you are using. If, for instance, you are using planes with textures on them to simulate the leaves, it is probably the shader not drawing the back sides in an effort to optimize the rendering process. To solve this you should probably look for a double sided shader. Try looking here for some new shaders to use:

If it is a cartoon tree that uses a spherical blob like thing for the leaves, then you might have some flipped faces in your model.

I’ve just checked the mesh in the inspector and when I rotate the preview the view from the beneath only shows the verts, while from above you can see the tris as well (I hope this makes sense).

So does this look like it’s the actual 3D model that hasn’t got the underside of the leaves as solid?

Thanks for the link by the way, very useful!

By default, unity’s shaders do not draw backaces. You will either need to write a two-sided shader for objects that need to be two-sided, or duplicate those polygons in your modeling package and flip the normals (this is what I do, and most developers I know)