Modeling Buildings w/ interior. What is the best way?


I am working on a project with a team and we are remaking a house that went under lava in 1973 and use it for a VR project. We got the blueprint of the house and we have made a model of it in SketchUp. The guy who modelled the house has no experience in game development or modeling assets for games. When we exported the model to Unity there were multiple issues. The model felt a bit uncompressed. Some faces were invisble (I couldn’t find the export two-sided faces option). I also had to scale it to 0.1 to get the correct proportions.

My wondering is: Is it better to export walls, roof, door frames, doors and windows seperately and just put them together into a Empty in Unity or what is the best way/software to model game ready house/buildings/structures with interior for Unity. I am just a developer and I can model low poly assets but not accurate structures.

Thank you !

You should be able to export the whole scene from the modelling software as an FBX file, but depending on the software, there can be different results and it doesn’t sound like the export was properly done or perhaps the software used isn’t meant for your needs. I personally use the free open source blender and I just drop my whole .blend file directly in my Unity assets folder and unity turns it into an FBX automatically and keeps everything the same. I haven’t had an issue since I started doing that. I would recommend blender for your project, but there are lots of other great tools as well (just a matter of preference).

For each face where you guys expect to see both sides, I would recommend using 2 faces. A double sided face is really just 2 faces. It sounds like perhaps the face normals were flipped. It’s an easy fix in blender. You might be able to take the existing model and export it to blender. Once the model is in blender or whatever other 3D authoring tool you use, you can scale the model to match blender units which match unity units and are widely accepted as meters…

Hope this helps, let me know if I can be of anymore help.


@highpockets Yeah, I use Blender when I make assets for my own games but as we are trying to make a pretty detailed version of a house I wasn’t the best for that so the other guy (who hasn’t got much xp in Blender) made the house very well in SketchUp but we had some issues.

We have an idea how we can make the file come out more organized by making the exterior walls a seperate component as for the interior walls, floor, roof and all that will be seperate which the modeler failed to do at first because it wasn’t a problem in SketchUp. We’ll try that and we’ll see if there are any problems.