Models aren't importing correctly

Hi, I’ve made a model in Milkshape3D, I exported it as an .FBX, and imported it into Unity.
But for some reason, most of the faces/vertexes are gone. All other models I’ve made work fine, it’s just this one. Is it Milkshape’s .FBX exporter, or is Unity acting up? Has anyone had this problem before? Anyone know how to fix it?

P.S. Should I have posted this on the forums instead?

Does Milkshape have an outdated fbx exporter? I would always use the fbx200900 version or newer. Have you done something differently than in your other models, maybe combining some stuff? I know that Maya might screw up sometimes when exporting a model and you have combined several parts into one. This may not have anything to do with normals but it’s worth to check. Can you export it as a different file type?

I found problems to get milkshape’s models imported in Unity only when you have more than one group (and so more than one material). On the other hand, as you probably know, you can use a textured material to simulate different colors…

  1. need registered fragmotion
  2. import ms3d in fragmotion
  3. in fragmotion export as Alias .fbx
    ¨onli register version of fragmotion export fbx ¨