Models screws up when imported


Every time I make a model in Cinema 4D and import it into Unity, the model screws up! I am more of a voxel game creator so I make blocky models. When I make a model and don’t rig it, it imports just fine but when I do rig it, the model breaks.

(The format I import the model in is FBX)


alt text

The thing that happens is that on some body parts, it is like you have removed the top layer so you can see inside the model.

If anyone knows how to fix this, please tell me!

You need to make sure your normals are correct. They are currently facing inwards. I don’t use Cinema 4D, so I don’t know how to adjust it within the program, but a quick google search would likely tell you what to do.

Got it working! I went into Cinema 4D and selected each body part that broke when imported to Cinema 4D and reversed the normals. Thanks for you help everyone!