Models turned bright white after Baking

I decided to finally Bake my whole Scene lights over night, but when I was looking for the result, all models turned white, as if they had emission.
The options for lightcalculations are good and were tested before on segments.
However, if I change from shaded to Shadowmask, you can see that the actual baking worked just fine.
Also all static objects in my asset folder turned white as well, but the materials are still correct. If I change Materials I can see a slight change but the “emission” doesent go away.

I hope someone has encountered this before and can help!

There are no realtime lights in the scene and there is no directional light.
And it seems like the Lightprobes are the problem somehow. If I move an object out of the range they seem to appear more normal…

Fixed it: The Reflection Probes were the Problem.
They even affected my models outside the scene (in asset folders). I disabled them all and the scene looked normal, but without reflections.
Then baking all reflection probes two times fixed the problem and my scene and models look normal again!

I was experiencing the same problem. In my case I was turning off the Generate Mipmaps from the texture import settings via an editor script and it also disabled the Generate Mipmaps of Backed Reflection Probes. I re-enabled the Generate mipmap option just for reflection probe and all the models turned back to normal. Hope this helps.