models, Wobbling (Like Jelly)?

Now, i’m not saying I want my models to wobble like jelly,
But they do- it doesn’t happen straight away, only after a couple of seconds- and it amplifies to the point my model is mutated.

I’ve reimported the model’s, and still no Joe… I’ve search, but no one else seemed to have this problem? -Looks like a problematic Project Folder to me :smiley: - just wanted to see if anyone else had solved this problem before.

BTW, i’m using Unity Android Pro on 64-bit Win7

it might be an armature problem… try to import the mesh by itself…and if you see it stops then you should adjust the weight paint…or re-rig the mesh:)

Ow, Thanks, I solved the problem. It was my camera not my models. I had to move my camera update to Fixed update.