Moderation rules cannot be changed

when i try to change any moderation rule i get this error "failed to update project"
can't understand why this is happening , any help would be appreciated

what moderation rule? ive not seen any in my games, these sound like a you thing?

It's moderation rules tab under user generated content section in unity dashboard , it's available for everyone

Context is everything

The problem is that i dont understand the problem
I should be able to change any rule in the moderation tab with just a click , rules like approval mode for example but i cant change it for some reason

@techspertmm thanks for reporting. This is indeed a problem.
The developers are looking to get a fix out shortly. I will update this thread when the fix goes out.

@techspertmm the issue should now be resolved.
Please log off the dashboard and log back in to make sure the changes are seen.