Modified Mobile TapControl.js logic flow works, but No Apparent Cam Zoom/Rotate Response

I've Debug.Log tested my modified TapControl.js from Standard Assets (mobile) - it responds to my finger touches for zoom and rotate, but I cannot seem to get the camera to do anything.

I'm guessing this is something to do with my setup in the editor, rather than code.

I've assigned camera's, and set up that camera to look like this hierarchy: CameraPivot / CameraOffset / camLayer (with ZoomCam.js)

I have two camera's in a split-screen setup, but only the cam I want to zoom is set to MainCamera tag - also, that is the one assigned to Camera Object

Any idea why the main camera is not responding?

In my case, the problem was silly - the `zoom=Mathf.Clamp( zoom, zoomMin, zoomMax );` in ZoomCamera.js kept on putting my zoom to 0, so the zoom value remained 0 in zoomCamera, even if TapControl sent otherwise.

Rotate still does not work though :-(


Edit, it was simply not having the "rotate enabled" switch flipped in inspector. While it was assigned as true in globals, the assignment in inspector was not updated, and apparently that overrides the assignment in code.