Modify AddExplosionForce and allow upwardsModifier to any direction instead

Is there any easy way to implement this or do we need to do it manually? Anyone happen to already know of some good implementation of this?

I want something like to this:

`function AddExplosionForceModifier (explosionForce : float, explosionPosition : Vector3, explosionRadius : float, explosionOriginPoint : Vector3 = new Vector3(0.0F,0.0F,0.0F), mode : ForceMode = ForceMode.Force) : void`

So I can point the explosionOriginPoint (rather than a directionModifier or upwardsModifier) to anywhere and not just up or down.

I'm using AddExplosionForce for wind emulation, and it works great to go up. But now I need new directions.

edit: I just noted this question could also be asked in another way which will hopefully facilitate me finding the answer on my own:

How is the code implementation on AddExplosionForce?

I think you must play around with the explosionPosition and with the explosionOriginPoint if it's part of the function, because if it's not I don't think that works.

Do a search for add.force and constant.force. I believe you can specify direction with those. You can also set them to be local to the object of local to the world.

Here, I just implemented it myself... Tho it's still far from perfect, it simulates the behavior I need for this moment.

Just create a `RigidbodyExtensions.cs` anywhere inside the unity project and add this:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public static class RigidbodyExtensions : object {
    public static void AddExplosionForce (this Rigidbody body, float explosionForce, Vector3 explosionRadiusCenter, float explosionRadius) {
        AddExplosionForce(body, explosionForce, explosionRadiusCenter, explosionRadius, new Vector3(0F, 0F, 0F));
    public static void AddExplosionForce (this Rigidbody body, float explosionForce, Vector3 explosionRadiusCenter, float explosionRadius, Vector3 explosionOriginPoint) {
        AddExplosionForce(body, explosionForce, explosionRadiusCenter, explosionRadius, explosionOriginPoint, ForceMode.Force);
    public static void AddExplosionForce ( // still missing torque - try using "AddForceAtPosition" later on
        this Rigidbody body
        , float explosionForce
        , Vector3 explosionRadiusCenter
        , float explosionRadius
        , Vector3 explosionOriginPoint // this is the oposite from upwardsModifier
        , ForceMode mode
    ) {
        if (Vector3.Distance(body.transform.position, explosionRadiusCenter) <= explosionRadius) {
            Vector3 force = (body.transform.position - (explosionRadiusCenter + explosionOriginPoint));
            body.AddForce(force * (explosionForce/5), mode); // 5 came from experimentation

here's a comparison usage:

rigidbody.AddExplosionForce(2000F, transform.position, 2F, 3f); // unity's

rigidbody.AddExplosionForce(2000F, transform.position, 2F, -(new Vector3(0F, 3F, 0F))); // cawas

note the `**-**` sign. it's needed for similar behavior.