Modify friction behavior on Physics 2D Material

I have a ball object that I want to spin when it hits other objects. I was using the friction setting to .1 on the objects Physics 2D material. During some play testing I found out when bouncing the ball, the friction setting is disrupting the angles I want the ball to go to. Is there a setting somewhere in Unity that will let me tweak the friction setting in more depth? I added some pictures to describe my issue.



Friction causes a force to be applied tangent to the collision normal. Because this is away from the center-of-mass, it causes both a linear velocity and angular velocity (torque) change.

This causes the object to reduce linear movement along the normal tangent and change rotational velocity. There’s no setting to apply all the force to angular velocity only.

Essentially you’re saying that you want friction to add energy to the ball by increasing its rotational velocity. That’s not something friction does.