Modify Mixamo humanoid animation


I have downloaded a Mixamo character with some predefined animations (walk, idle, jump), but I would like to add my own animation. To do that I have duplicated the walk animation and am now trying to understand how I can modify that animation.

I found out that simply rotating arms and legs does not work. When I look at the animation curves I see curves like:
Animator.Right.Arm Down-Up
Animator.Right.Arm Front-Back
Animator.Right.Arm Twist In-Out

I tried to play around with those curves, starting by setting them to a flat curve and then adding keyframes, but can’t figure out what they mean. I can see some effect on the arm, but when I entered big values for example to lift the arm above the head, things did not react as expected.

Can someone explain (or point me to a tutorial about) what the curves mean and what values I should work with?

And can I modify these curves directly in the scene, in the same way as I would modify transforms in the scene?


I had a similar problem. I think as of today you can’t add custom keyframes to Humanoid bipeds. At least I think that’s what this link says:

Mixamo’s animations are read-only, but I’ve found a simple way to edit them. Simply duplicate them in your assets (to do so, unfold the FBX asset to reveal all of its components, then select the animation and Ctrl+D). Slide it in your Animator Controller, and now you can edit it, add and modify keyframes, add events and so on.