Modifying AndroidManifest for GearVR


I an trying to upload my game to the Oculus store but I am failing the validator, it say:

Exclude from Recents (android:excludeFromRecents in AndroidManifest.xml) must be set to true.

APK’s main activity intent filter set to android.intent.category.LAUNCHER, but must be android.intent.category.INFO

I know I need to change this in the AndroidManifest.xml, but I cannot find it. I’ve read it is suppose to be found in assets/plugins/adroid but it is nowhere to be found. I’ve searched for it.

Where do I go to modify this xml file? It seems it is compiled between the various settings in the editor.

I found my Manifest file(s) in Temp/StagingArea/. My understanding is that you could copy that and put it in your Assets/Plugins/Android folder with your edits and that will be used instead of the manifest generated by Unity.

So what I learned was that Unity will compile the manifest file from your settings and pack it with your APK, you have to decompile that APK using something like APKTools (Apktool - Documentation) to get the final XML which you will then copy into /assets/ which then Unity will use that one instead of the compiled one. Then you can edit it to match what Occulus requires. I am about to try that now so wish me luck!

Just use the “Build” option, instead of “Build and Run” while building the app and this particular error won’t occur.

It’s in Oculus’ documentation. There are settings you need to change to get this working: